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Press release - Belgium Presidency debriefs EP committees on priorities

European Parliament - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 17:33
Ministers are holding a series of meetings in parliamentary committees to present the priorities of the Belgian Presidency of the Council.
Committee on Culture and Education
Committee on Development
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Committee on International Trade
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
Committee on Legal Affairs
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
Committee on Regional Development
Committee on Transport and Tourism

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French Supreme Court finds almost half of controversial immigration bill illegal - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 17:16
France’s highest constitutional body ruled that 32 of the 86 articles in the French government's controversial immigration bill are unconstitutional, in a much-awaited judicial ruling on Thursday (25 January).
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[Interview] New French Renew boss at odds with Macron on gender-violence - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 17:09
Leading MEPs have confirmed that the member states cannot agree on incluing rape in the directive to combat violence against women. About 15 countries are in favour, but with Germany and France against it, there is no qualified majority.
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A ‘battle of narratives’ behind Georgia’s EU future - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 17:00
As Georgia gears up for a crucial general election this autumn, some worry the country could be at risk of going down the same road into authoritarianism, as its big neighbour Russia.
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The Brief – Fortress Europe - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 16:20
Fortress Europe (German: Festung Europa) was a military propaganda term used by both sides during World War II, which referred to the areas of continental Europe occupied by Nazi Germany, as opposed to the United Kingdom across the Channel.
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EU-Tunisia Memorandum of Understanding state of play - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 16:02
The EU-Tunisia Memorandum of Understanding is in its early stage of implementation, for instance, when it comes to the €105 million for migration announced in July 2023, a European Commission spokesperson told Euractiv. 
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Armenia stuck between ‘strategic ally’ and ‘another Ukraine’ - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 16:00
Armenia’s recent attempts to diversify its security partnerships have left it with increased narratives of the country's “Ukrainisation”.
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EU electricity prices: Will 2024 mark the end of national tariff shields? - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 15:57
Electricity prices on the EU wholesale market have been on a downward trend in recent months, a development some governments see as an opportunity to remove subsidies introduced in response to the energy crisis, while others see as a bad signal for the energy transition. 
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Ethanol stakeholder: EU needs more pragmatic approach to biofuels - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 15:57
The EU will be able to reach its energy goals and reduce CO2 emissions as long as policy makers take a “more pragmatic” and science-based approach when it comes to biofuels, Valérie Corre, President of the European Renewable Ethanol Association (ePURE), told Euractiv in an interview. “I believe that we need to have much more pragmatism in our decision making process, looking at facts and science and not let dogmatism in the way. Because when you take a dogmatic approach, you are missing the pointn […] you are killing opportunities that are really at our disposal to act today as we speak”, she said.
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[EUobserved] Are ECB economists a 'tribe' or 'violinists'? - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 15:52
This week, a debate erupted between central bankers on whether economists are better described as a "tribal clique" (European Central Bank boss Christine Lagarde) or "violinists" (former deputy governor of the Irish Central Bank.)
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Latest news - Next SEDE meeting - 14 and 15 February 2024 - Subcommittee on Security and Defence

The next ordinary meeting of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE) is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 14 February 2024 from 9.00-12.30 and 14.30-17.30hrs and Thursday, 15 February 2024 from 9.00-12.30 in Brussels (room SPAAK 5B1).

The meeting agenda and documents will be published here.

SEDE missions 2023:
  • India - 17-21 December 2023
  • Israel and OPT - 8-10 December 2023
  • Germany and Poland - 24-26 July 2023
  • Armenia - 19-22 June 2023
  • Romania and Moldova - 15-18 May 2023
  • Djibouti and Somalia - 1-4 April 2023
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - 20-23 February 2023

SEDE meetings' calendar 2024
EP calendar 2024
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French ‘farmfluencer’ slams attempts to politicise farmers’ protests - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 15:21
French 'farmerfluencer' Étienne Fourmont, who is using his YouTube and social media to make farmers' voices heard at a time when they are protesting heavily in France and the rest of Europe, told Euractiv about the urgent need to change the way farming is viewed.
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Highlights - Israel-Hamas: escalation in the Red sea, EU's defence capability priorities + Ukraine - Subcommittee on Security and Defence

On 24 January, SEDE MEPs will hold an exchange of views on the spill-over from the Israel-Hamas war in the escalation in the Red sea and in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. They will also exchange views with Jiří Šedivý, Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency, on EU's defence capability priorities and progress in addressing critical capability gaps.

Ukraine remains high on the SEDE agenda with its regular update - in camera - on the European Peace Facility's role in providing military equipment for Ukraine and on the EU's Military Assistance Mission for Ukraine, with Lt Gen Michiel van der Laan, Director General of the EU Military Staff.

Meeting agenda and documents
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EU presidency to enact asylum reforms despite abuse claims - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 15:11
The Belgian EU presidency wants to implement a recent overhaul of EU asylum laws, amid warnings that detention-like centres will mushroom as a result.
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NGOs take legal action against Commission over reauthorisation of glyphosate - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 14:15
Six European NGOs and five in France announced on Thursday they had filed two separate requests to the European Commission for an “internal review”, the first step of a legal challenge, over the recent reapproval of the contentious but widely used weedkiller glyphosate.
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EU bolsters Tunisian navy’s border control, migrant interception capabilities - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 14:11
The EU is already implementing projects together with Italian, French and German state apparatus development partners to strengthen the Tunisian navy and coast guard's capacities to intercept migrants at sea, several documents and a European Commission spokesperson confirmed to Euractiv.
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EU liberals’ new chief Hayer rallies farmers, opposes reopening Green Deal files next term - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 14:10
Freshly-elected Renew Europe president Valérie Hayer is looking to address farmers’ concerns ahead of the EU election campaign while ensuring a “balanced view” on agricultural policy and refusing to reopen Green Deal files as right-wing political forces urge, she told Euractiv in an exclusive interview.  
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Press release - Holocaust Remembrance Day: “Hitler did not win!”

European Parliament (News) - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 12:43
On Thursday, Irene Shashar, a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, addressed MEPs in a plenary session in Brussels to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Press release - Holocaust Remembrance Day: “Hitler did not win!”

European Parliament - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 12:43
On Thursday, Irene Shashar, a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, addressed MEPs in a plenary session in Brussels to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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