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Ukrainian grain transits through Romania as export licences effective - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 07:21
Ukrainian grain has successfully transited through Romania since the country introduced export licences under its grain export plan to help protect farmers last autumn, Adrian Pintea, state secretary in the Agriculture Ministry, said on Thursday.
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Ex-Bulgarian justice minister appointed judge at European Court of Human Rights - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 07:20
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted Wednesday to elect Bulgaria’s former GERB justice minister and current ombudsman, Diana Kovatcheva, to a nine-year term as the next Bulgarian judge at the European Court of Human Rights.
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Renew MEPs propose a mini-Schengen between Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 07:19
Renew Europe MEPs have proposed the rapid creation of a mini-Schengen between Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, to be operational this summer, to ease the heavy tourist traffic between the three EU Balkan countries.
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EIB ready to work more with defence but remains cautious, vice-president says - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 07:16
The European Investment Bank is open to financing defence industries but is still reluctant to go beyond dual-use technology, a top EIB official told Euractiv, warning also that the idea of using eurobonds to finance military industry must be carefully weighed as they may not attract investors.
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Ukraine to start building 4 new nuclear reactors this year - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 07:12
Ukraine expects to start construction work on four new nuclear power reactors this summer or autumn, Energy Minister German Galushchenko told Reuters on Thursday (25 January), as the country seeks to compensate for lost energy capacity due to the war with Russia.
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Germany’s Habeck wants market power of food industry scrutinised - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 07:12
As nationwide farmers' protests continue, the German government wants to have the market power of supermarkets and the food industry scrutinised, blaming their price-setting power for the poor economic situation of many farms.
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China presses Iran to rein in Houthi attacks in Red Sea - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 06:54
Chinese officials have asked their Iranian counterparts to help rein in attacks on ships in the Red Sea by the Iran-backed Houthis, or risk harming business relations with Beijing, four Iranian sources and a diplomat familiar with the matter said.
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Polish ruling parties divided over abortion law - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 06:47
Poland’s ruling parties have presented separate bills to liberalise the country’s abortion laws, proposing to make abortion legal up to the 12th week of pregnancy, but some MPs remain sceptical.
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Macron to visit Sweden to talk EU defence amid Hungarian NATO block - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 06:46
French President Emmanuel Macron will visit Sweden from 30 to 31 January at the invitation of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf to discuss European defence issues, as Hungary remains reluctant to vote on Sweden’s NATO bid and EU states hold differing views on defence policy.
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French farmers call for Paris blockade, eagerly await PM’s announcements - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 06:46
French farmers have called for the blockade of Paris on Friday afternoon, a week after they began protesting across the country, as new Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is due to announce concrete measures.
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Le Pen questions EU-level alliance with AfD, spelling trouble for ID unity - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 06:45
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen questioned the collaboration with the German AfD over allegations that some members were involved in discussions about deporting German citizens with migration backgrounds, prompting her French competitor Eric Zemmour to rush to the German far-right’s defence. 
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Gravitational wave, Venus missions get European green light - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 06:37
The European Space Agency gave the green light to two missions on Thursday (25 January), one to detect ripples in spacetime called gravitational waves and another to probe the secrets of Earth's closest neighbouring planet Venus.
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Italian police disrupt massive Italo-Chinese fraud scheme - Fri, 26/01/2024 - 06:26
Italian police said on Thursday (25 January) they had dismantled a tax fraud network worth €1.7 billion involving Italian and Chinese suspects using over 100 shell companies in the country's north.
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Whiskey dispute hits new EU-Kenya trade pact - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 21:26
Kenya faces s dispute with the EU on whiskey imports just weeks after its tortuously agreed trade pact with Brussels came into effect.
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Moral qualms delay EU blacklist of Israeli settlers - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 21:16
Talks about an EU visa-ban on 12 violent Israeli settlers have stalled amid objections this might put them on a moral par with Palestinian 'terror' group Hamas.
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Brexit doesn’t have informed consent

Ideas on Europe Blog - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 20:49

Nobody gave ‘informed consent’ for Brexit. That’s because, in the 2016 referendum, the electorate was not sufficiently informed.

On the contrary, we were grossly misinformed.

Legally, informed consent means that consent has been given with full knowledge of:

  • the risks involved,
  • the probable consequences,
  • and the alternatives.

– During the referendum we were not fully aware of all the risks of Brexit, especially as ‘Leave’ did not define what kind of Brexit we’d get.

– During the referendum who really understood the “probable consequences” of Brexit? Would so many voters have opted for it had they fully realised that it would make us poorer, with increased costs of living, and so many barriers to trade with our nearest and most important neighbours?

– During the referendum we were not told about the different Brexit alternatives. Brexiters were only given the option of one meaningless, undefined word: ‘Leave’.

Because voters didn’t and couldn’t give their informed consent for the Brexit we got after the referendum, one day there will need to be a new democratic opportunity to reconsider the decision to leave the EU.

And when that happens, we need the people to be properly informed, so that next time they can truly give their INFORMED CONSENT.

Only those against democracy disagree.

  • Who voted for Theresa May’s Brexit? 3-minute video

  • £350m a week – the biggest Brexit lie. 2-minute video

  • Newspaper lies and Brexit – 2-minute video

  • If only David Cameron said this – 2-minute video


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EU Greens’ manifesto: A ‘Social’ Green Deal and embrace of NATO - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 19:00
The European Greens are pushing for “massive” investments to simultaneously boost the green transition and protect living conditions under what they are calling the “Green Social Deal”, according to a draft electoral manifesto seen by Euractiv.
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Von der Leyen kickstarts strategic dialogue on future of EU food systems - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 18:11
With tractors continuing to parade through the streets of Europe, on Thursday (25 January) European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen met with food chain stakeholders and NGOs to launch a ‘strategic dialogue’ between agriculture groups and EU decision-makers.
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EU launches agri-food dialogue, amid farmer revolts - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 17:53
EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen launched this week "a strategic dialogue" on the future of agriculture in the EU. The initiative comes amid discontent and farmers' protests in several countries.
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Press release - Belgium Presidency debriefs EP committees on priorities

European Parliament (News) - Thu, 25/01/2024 - 17:33
Ministers are holding a series of meetings in parliamentary committees to present the priorities of the Belgian Presidency of the Council.
Committee on Culture and Education
Committee on Development
Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Committee on International Trade
Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
Committee on Legal Affairs
Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
Committee on Regional Development
Committee on Transport and Tourism

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