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Updated: 1 month 2 weeks ago

Honeywell eyes European MRO depot for Abrams tank engine

Fri, 07/07/2023 - 08:20
Honeywell plans to create a maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) capability in Europe to accommodate several new customers for its AGT1500 gas turbine engine, which...
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IAI seeks more aviation manufacturing capacity

Fri, 07/07/2023 - 07:50
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is exploring buying or investing in companies in the United States to expand its aerostructures manufacturing footprint, according to a...
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Germany approves budget for Chinook buy

Thu, 06/07/2023 - 16:05
The Budget Committee of the German parliament approved the procurement of 60 Boeing CH-47F Block II Chinook heavy-lift helicopters on 5 July.
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UK, Netherlands explore opportunities for future littoral strike platform

Thu, 06/07/2023 - 13:35
The UK and the Netherlands have agreed to explore options for a collaborative programme to develop a future littoral strike platform for their respective commando...
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UK establishes space domain awareness cell

Thu, 06/07/2023 - 13:20
UK Space Command has officially established a space domain awareness (SDA) cell in co-operation with the US to enhance orbital surveillance, the Royal Air Force (RAF)...
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Sweden orders new ground-based radars from Thales

Thu, 06/07/2023 - 12:05
Sweden has acquired new long-range radars from Thales to bolster its air surveillance and ballistic missile defence capabilities.
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Outpaced underwater: India attempts to bridge submarine warfare gap with another Shishumar-class upgrade

Thu, 06/07/2023 - 09:50
New Delhi has taken another step towards bolstering its underwater warfare capabilities as the Indian Navy confronts the need to urgently position its fast-ageing fleet...
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Aftermath of the Wagner Group armed insurrection: Outlook scenarios and key indicators for Russia and Belarus

Thu, 06/07/2023 - 08:09
Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin launched an armed insurrection on 23 June into Russian territory. Prigozhin aborted the insurrection on 24 June following an agreement with the Kremlin brokered by Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko
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RH Marine awarded contract for new Dutch-Belgian ASW frigates

Wed, 05/07/2023 - 15:50
Netherlands-based RH Marine is the first Dutch supplier to receive a contract in support of the Dutch-Belgian anti-submarine warfare frigate (ASWF) programme.
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Netherlands orders GDELS bridging systems

Wed, 05/07/2023 - 14:35
The Netherlands signed a contract for three new bridging systems with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) – Bridge Systems on 30 June, the Dutch Ministry of...
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IWI unveils Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun

Wed, 05/07/2023 - 13:20
Israel Weapon Industries' (IWI's) new Negev 7 Ultra Light Machine Gun (NG7 ULMG) has been developed based on customer feedback that called for a lighter-weight, full...
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Australia to redeploy 1st Aviation Regiment to Townsville

Wed, 05/07/2023 - 10:50
The Australian government has announced plans to redeploy the army's 1st Aviation Regiment to Townsville and support the unit with infrastructural improvements at the...
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SEA to build communications systems for New Zealand Navy frigates

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 13:50
UK-based Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA) has secured a contract worth GBP26 million (USD33 million) to build and install communications systems for the Royal...
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Australia orders additional Carl-Gustaf M4 rifles

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 13:35
Saab has received an order worth AUD56 million (USD37.2 million) from the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) to supply additional Carl-Gustaf M4 84 mm recoilless...
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Tengden improves TW328-A UCAV weapon-carrying ability

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 12:50
The Tengden TW328-A Scorpion A (TB-A) unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) is being improved for enhanced flight performance and to carry a larger weapons load.
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ADF operationalises first space unit, re-postures Defence Space Command

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 12:35
The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) announced on 3 July initiatives taken in accordance with the Defence Strategic Review (DSR) 2023 to improve space defence...
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UK awards E-Scan radar contract for Typhoon

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 12:35
The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded BAE Systems GBP870 million (USD1.1 billion) for further development and integration of the European Common Radar System Mark...
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Iran displays Warmate-type loitering munition

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 11:05
The Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces displayed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that looks like the WB Group's Warmate loitering munition at an exhibition...
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Hellenic Army receives S1200 Armored speedboats

Tue, 04/07/2023 - 10:20
Viking Norsafe Life-Saving Equipment Hellas delivered the first batch of S1200 Armored speedboats to the Hellenic Army on 3 July.
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NIAG study group explores future SEAD capability options

Fri, 30/06/2023 - 18:20
A NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) has been established to explore airborne electronic attack (AEA)/suppression of enemy air defence (SEAD) concepts and...
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