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Europa Varietas Foundation (2008-2015)

"In varietate concordia"
(Unity in Diversity)
Latin motto of the EU

The Europa Varietas Foundation (EVF) was created in Budapest (Hungary) in April 2008, primarily to promote the ​​cooperation between states in the Euro-Atlantic area and the preservation of European values​​, nations, peoples, cultural and linguistic identity and diversity. The Foundation wished to promote Hungary's active participation in this community that integration of the Hungarians and other European nations for the preservation of this diversity and fullness of its means. Activities is to contribute to European and national cultural heritage conservation and awareness as widely as possible.

The Foundation' purpose is the support of international and hungarian research of European policies - such as the common foreign and security policy, cultural policy, environmental protection, and audiovisual media, information society - and the create of databases, libraries, textbooks, materials composition, which both facilitate the work of researchers and educators. Our mission is to working to improve conditions of educational work and students research area and promote new talent, particularly in the humanities and social science fields.

The EVF was a foundation nonprofit of public utility. In the focus of our work were the following tasks :

- Scientific activities, research;
- Education and training, skill development, knowledge dissemination;
- Cultural activities;
- Human and civil rights;

The successor of the Europa Varietas Foundation is the Swiss based Europa Varietas Association founded in September 2015.