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[Compte rendu] L’Union européenne et la paix, L’invention d’un modèle européen de gestion des conflits

L’Union européenne et la paix, L’invention d’un modèle européen de gestion des conflits sous la direction de Anne Bazin, Charles Tenenbaum, Coll. Relations Internationales, SciencePo, Les Presses, 2017


MPCC : the new military headquarter of the EU

European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker called for a common EU defence headquarters in September after the Brexit vote, resurrecting an idea that had circulated in the EU for years. Today, the European Union has approved plans for a military headquarters to coordinate overseas security operation, foreign and defence ministers of the 28 member states (Britain having long opposed it) "unanimously" backed the project.


End of the mission EUPOL Afghanistan

After nearly a decade of support for civilian police in Afghanistan, the European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL) officially closed its activities today, Saturday (31 December 2016) at midnight. In fact, the mission has already slowed down its activities for a few days already. A meeting marking the end of the mission was organized, Wednesday, December 14, a few days after the official end of the mission.




Today (16 July 2016), the EU training mission of the Central African Army (EUTM RCA) was launched, with a two-year mandate.
The mission is to provide advice and training but also to bring its military expertise to the EU Delegation, in particular to set up more general projects. Its role is defined according to three priorities:
1.) strategic advice to the Ministry of Defense, military personnel and the armed forces of the CAR;
2.) Lessons for FACA officers and non-commissioned officers and FACA training.


New EU Security Strategy

Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe
A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign And Security Policy


European Security & Defence - Core Documents

András István Türke (ed.)
Selected documents of the common foreign & security policy in Europe (1998-2008)

With the list of Council Joint Actions & Council Decisions (2001-2013)
2013 (English & French Version)

compiled by: András István Türke


Diplomacy of the European Union

The CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) previously formed the 2nd pillar of the old EU structure. It was governed by intergovernmental cooperation, within which decisions were principally taken unanimously by the Council or the European Council. The Treaty of Lisbon (2010-) reforms the old EU structure by abolishing the distinction between the three pillars (page “division of competences”).


European capacities

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