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Industrie militaire européenne

- ABAXIS Europe GMBH : blood analyzers, médecine opérationnelle
- ADS - Gesellschaft für Aktive Schutzsysteme MBH : Active Defence Systems
- AIM Infrarot-Module GMBH : infrarouges technologies
- Albrecht Bender GMBH U. CO : accessoires uniformes
- Aleris Europe : produits en aluminium
- Autoflug GMBH : textile mechanical and electronic components and subsystems
- AVS Aggregatebau GMBH : generator technology
- B&W International GMBH : outdoor cases
- BEHR Industry : refroidisseurs, ventillateurs
- BHC Gummi-Metall GMBH : rubber metal products
- Blücher GMBH : filter gases, liquids and particles
- Bruker Daltonik GMBH : CBRN technology
- Bwfuhrpark Service GMBH : transport logistique en masse, mobilité militaire
- CCO (Creative Consulting GMBH) : pavilions, exhibition technology
- CERAMTEC-ETC GMBH : high-quality armour ceramics
- CST - Computer Simulation Technology : software for the simulation of electromagnetic fields
- CT-Video GMBH : systèmes de transmission data audio et vidéo sans fil COFDM pour applications mobiles
- Daimler AG : véhicules militaires
- Diehl & Eagle Picher GMBH : battery systems
- Diehl Aerospace GMBH : avionic systems & lighting concepts
- Diehl BGT Defence GMBH & CO. KG : Guided Missile Systems
- Doll Fahrzeugbau AG : military platforms, trailers and semi-trailers & other military transportation vehicles
- Dräger : medical & safety technology
- Drehtainer GMBH : special containers and vehicles
- Dynamit Nobel Defence GMBH : development & production of shoulder-launched anti-armour / anti-structure weapons for urban warfare and rural operations
- EMT Ingenieurges. Dipl.-ING. Hartmut Euer MBH : UAV Systems
- Eurospkie GMBH : SPIKE family of multi-purpose guided missile systems
- FFG (Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GMBH) : defence vehicles
- Fibrolux GMBH : plaques balistiques, profilé en fibre de verre
- FIMAG Finsterwalder Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GMBH : mobile hospitals, field camps, operational command systems
- Fischer Panda GMBH : power solutions for military, and marine applications requeiring 3-200 kW performance
- FS Antennentechnik GMBH : antenna systems
- German Army Office, Armament Division : organisations, training, doctrine
- GIWS (Gesellschaft für Intelligente Wirksysteme MBH) : ammunition as round and as submunition for use in rockets
- GUS GMBH & CO. KG : periscopes, composite and transparent armour
- H.C. Strack Ceramics GMBH & CO. KG : manufacturer of silicon carbide powder - aircraft & vehicle armor
- HAACON Hebetechnik GMBH : lifting & leveling systems
- Heckler & Koch : pitols, submarine guns, machine guns, assault rifles and a 40 mm Grenade Machine Gun
- Heintzmann Group : protection physique des bâtiments
- Hellwig Lunenschloss GMBH : heeting and cooling for mobile applications
- Hemscheidt Fahrwerktechnik GMBH & CO. KG : hydraulicaly controlled spring systems for different vehicle types
- Hetek Hebetechnik GMBH : lifting and levelling systems
- Horváth & Partners Management Consultants : management consulting
- Hübner GMBH : pièces en caoutchouc et composite pour les véhicules militaires
- IBD Deisenroth Engineering : protection systems for light to heavy platforms, protection of aircraft
- IBK-Fahrzeugtechnik GMBH : wheels for military applications, Runflat System IBK- EPK
- ISCOLIMA : production of composite laminate glass with high ballistic resistance
- ITS International Training & Support GMBH : Training Programs with multimedia training material
- IZT (Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik) Gmbh : products for capturing, modifying and generating radio signals
- J. Eberspächer Gmbh & CO KG : systèmes de gestion thermique autonomes, chauffage
- Jenoptik L Defense & Civil Systems L ESW Gmbh : weapon stabilization systems & optical systems
- Junghans Microtec GMBH : mechanical and electronic fuzes for artillery, mortar, tank and medium calibre ammunition, rockets, air-to-ground bombs
- Kärcher Futuretech Gmbh : field cam system, mobile catering systems, water purification systems, maintenance systems, NBC protection systems/protective clothing
- Kidde-Deugra Brandschutzsysteme GMBH : fire protection on military vehicles
- Kissling Service Gmbh : systèmes de communication, kits d'installations, systèmes de câblage, etc.
- Knott Gmbh : brakes and braking systems for off-highway vehicles
- KMW Krauss-Maffei Wegmann : heavy battke tanks (Leopard 1 and 2), air transportable heavly armoured wheeled vehicles (Mungo, Dingo, GFF4 and Boxer)
- Mann+Hummel GMBH : systèmes des filtres à l'air et à liquides, moteurs industriels (bateaux) etc.
- MEDI Help Gmbh : mobilier hospitalier modulable
- Mediamobil Communication Gmbh : satellite systems
- MEN Metallwerk Elisenhütte Gmbh : ammunition
- MTU Friedrichshafen Gmbh : engines and complete propulsion/drive systems for ships
- Newco Safety Technologies Gmbh : pyrotechnic devices, 40 mm ammunitions
- Northrop Grumman Litef Gmbh : airborne, land and naval navigation products wich ara based on inertial sensors
- Plath Gmbh : COMINT, guerre électronique
- Procitec Gmbh : frequency monitoring and radio reconnaissance (COMINT)
- PTG Reifendruckregelsysteme Gmbh : semi- and fully automatic tyre inflation systems (STIS/CTIS)
- Renk AG : automatic high-performance transmissions for military tracked vehicles up to 70 tonnes
- Rheinmetall Defence : military hardvare, defence protection, drones, simulators for Tigre pilots
- Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) : MAN Military logistic trucks
- Röder HTS Höcker Gmbh : aluminium structures, field camps, field hospitals, hangars
- Rhode & Schwarz Gmbh & CO KG : radiodiffusion, communication sécurisée
- Rotzler : winches, hydraulic systems, software for military trucks and armoured vehicles
- Salzgitter Maschinenbau AG : highly mobile antenna masts up to a height of 40 meter
- Schall M. Gmbh _ CO KG : power supply, climatisation, furnishings, lighting
- Schleifring und Appartebau : radar & missile applications, optronics & underwater systems
- Schmidt & Bender Gmbh & CO KG : high precision rifle scopes for military / law enforcement
- Schott AG : edge glass & glass-ceramic solutions for defense and security applications
- Schuler AG : metal-working industry
- Seattec Sitztechnik Gmbh : seat-systems
- SET Stange Energietechnik Gmbh : energy concept for electrical power in the vehicles
- Setolite Lichttechnik Gmbh : illumination
- SGL Group - The Carbon Company : ceramic composites (ballistic performance)
- SIDAG Gmbh : non-lethal weapons for close range support, 76mm non-lethal ammunition, weapon stations
- SIG Sauer Gmbh : pistolets, fusils, accessoires
- Spinner Gmbh : waveguides, filters,
- Steinbach AG : isolement thermal et acoustique des véhicules
- Stoof International Gmbh : Armoured Vehicles
- Syko Gesellschaft für Leistungselektronik : battery chargers, DC/DC DC/AC converters, power supply units
- Teijin Aramid : aramid fibers, vehicle and aircraft armoured protection
- Theissen Training Systems Gmbh : target appliances
- Versidag Ballistic Protection Gmbh : ballistic protection for armoured vehicles, naval ships and helicopters
- Webasto AG : heating, air-conditioning and ventillation for tactical vehicles
- Weisensee Warmpressteile Gmbh :
- Weiss Umwelttechnik Gmbh : climatisation, conteneurs, tentes
- WEW Westerwaelder Eisenwerk Gmbh : fuel and water storage and delivery sytems
- Wittenstein Motion Control Gmbh : systèmes servo-réducteurs électromécaniques
- Zarges Gmbh : cases, aluminium containers, schock vibration and weather resistant electronic equipment
- Zeppelin Mobile Systeme Gmbh : mobile shiter systems
- ZF Friedrichshafen AG : automotive supplier for Driveline and Chassis Technology

- ACROSOMA : Structures composites

- AMPER Programas de Electrónica y Comunicaciones : CIS; Force Protection, Avionics and Radio Help Navaids Systems
- DAS Photonics : nanophotonics technology, digital optical links
- Equipos Móviles de Campana ARPA : logistic solutions on diverse types of mobile platforms
- Hispano Vema : NBC decontamintations systems, semi-mobile camps with tents, prefabricated buildings
- Ibersystems de Defensa : wheeled armored vehicles, VBR 8x8 (based in French VBCI)
- Ikonos Press - FAM (Fuerzas Militares del Mundo) : leader ind defense and security publication
- INDRA : Air Defence Systems, Naval and Terrestrial C&C, Electronic Intelligence Systems, Electro-optics and Night Vision
- Instituto National de Tecnica Aerospacial : satellites (Minisat, Nanosat, Microsat), aeronautical development programs (Eurofighter, Eurojet EJ200, A400M)
- Luna Equipos Industriales : grues hydrauliques et mobiles
- OTO Melara Iberica (Sociedad de Oto Melara / Finmeccanica) : systèmes d'armement
- : portable multiple sink, portable toilet and shower capsules
- SAPA Placencia : propulsions systems, electrical energy generation and antiaircraft systems, cooproduces for Leopard 2
- Sener Ingenieria y sistemas S.A. : control systems for aerispace industry (missiles); Meteor, Iris-T, Taurus KEPD 350, NSM, Iris-T SL
- Tedae (L'Association espagnole d'Entreprises Technologiques Défense, Aéronautique et Espace)
- UAV Navigation : autopilots, UAV, Sniper ATOL Gasoline Helicopter
- URO Vehiculos Espèciales S.A. (UROVESA) : véhicules tout terrain

- Metravib Pilar MKlIIw : Leader dans les Systèmes de Détection de Tirs
- 2ADI : Aetonautics, space and defence industries
- 2MORO : IT Consulting for Aerospace and Defence
- 5.11 Tactical Series INC : Produits vestimentaires
- A.E. Petsche Co. : Fournisseur majeur de produits d'interconnexion
- Abeillon : Produits felxibles semi-rigides, antennes, flexible gooseneck solutions for the industry,
antennas for tactical radio; map reading lights for military vehicles
- Accuwatt : Batteries
- ACJH GROUP : Connectique Audio Militaire
- ACMAT : Véhicules tactiques militaires
- ACMH : Special packing and containers for missile systems
- Actia Sodielec : Telecommunication
- AER-ATOB : Produits mécaniques, micromécaniques, hydrauliques
- Aerazur : Systèmes de parachute, d'interconnexion, d'evacuation d'urgence,
- Aerodrones : Remote control-command, solutions for UAV's
- Aerophile : Train Peratroopers from a well-proved Tthered Balloon
- Aerotec Group : Aéronautique de défense (Gazelle, Puma)
- Aglo Developpement : L'énergie électrique autonome
- Alcan Global Aerospace Transportation and Industry : Leader mondial d'aluminium
- Alliance : Innovative technological solutions
- AMD Electronique : Fabriquant de contacts terminés
- AMD Industries : Pièces de recharges
- AMEFO SAS : Solutions de blindage
- AMPHENOL : Connecteurs haute performance
- AMS Technologies : Distributor of high-tech components
- Anjou Maquettes Prototype : Prototypes de la maquette et de la petite série
- APEM : Interfaces homme-machine
- Antycip Simulation : Simulators
- APRRES Industries : Assistance technique; modernisation
- Aquitaine électronique :
- AREX :
- ARINC Technologies : Guerre électronique
- Art Concept Composites : Valises, coffrets, conteneurs en matériaux composites
- ARTEM-IS : Inforamtion & Stratégies
- ASB Group : ASB Aerospatiale Batteries
- ASTRO MED SNC : Acquisition et enregistrement de données
- Aubert & Duval : Manufacture special steels, superalloys, aluminium and Titanium alloys
- APS : Autolubrification produits de synthèse
- AXON : Cables
- AXYAL : Transformation industrielle de plastiques et composites
- Banc National d'Epreuve des Armes et des Munitions : portable firearms
- BARCO : display and visualisations solutions on board of many military vehicle
- BAUDRY : emballages pour la protection, caisses, conteneurs, valises plastiques
- Baumier SA : construction d'ensembles soudés
- BDSI SARL : flight termination, antennas, UAV data links, GPS timing
- Becker Electronique : communication & navigation equipment for airborne, air trafic control
- Bernier : connecteurs multicontacts pour applications pour radiocommunications et systèmes tactiques
- Berthelot SAS : équipements de controls et de machines
- BGM : Glock 17 et 26 aux unités spéciales de la police française, balle de défense de calibre 40 mm
- Billard Engrenages : engrenages cylindriques, coniquees-droit et spiro-coniques
- Biolab H20 : mobile units to detect, analyse and survey CBRN contamination
- Bolle Protection : protection des yeux, lunettes, masques
- Bonatre SAS : aciers spéciaux
- Bonnavion Industrie : systèmes en fortes sollicitations mécaniques
- BRC77 : transport et protection de matériel mobile, valises, containeurs,
- Brimar LTD : electronic modules, LCD displays, CRT & plat panel displays
- BRM Industrie : systèmes de liaisons électriques, câblage
- Cabines Sarrazin : blindage et protection balistique des véhicules
- Capgemini France : services informatiques
- Caromar-Gazc : metal work, aerostructure
- CEFA : EFA, EFA X1 forward crossing vehicles, Vedette F2
- CENTIGON France SAS : véhicules blindés 4x4
- CENTRALP Automatismes : cartes électriques, format ETX, standard XTX
- CGP : fils et câbles de précision
- CHAMOUX : bâtiments militaires projetables (bunker), éléments de protections passives
- CILAS : désignateurs laser (DHY307) pour le guidage des armes guidées laser
- CNIM : fast deployment military bridges (PTA, PAR 70, PFM), L-CAT - Landing Catamaran
- CODECHAMP - SEMIP : codeurs optiques, potentiometres
- COFILM : films complexes pour la protection de tous les matériaux contre l'eau
- COFREXPORT : brouillage de communication et anti-RCIED, interception satellite, renseignement
- CONORM SAS : sous-traitande d'usinage des pièces complexes pour l'aéronautique et l'armement
- CONTINEW : solutions de continuité opérationnelles
- COTELEC : power terminals
- CS Communication & Systemes : concepteur, intégrateur et opérateur de systèmes critiques
- CTA International : 40 mm Cases Telescoped Armement System
- Cuvelier / Polymeca : chaudrennerie, soudure, fraisage numérique
- D.Avionic : UAV, drones, avions et hélicoptères électriques
- D.S.O.A. : Matériels de lutte contre les I.E.D et opérations E.O.D., Matériels de radiographie et de radioscopie portable. (exploseurs radiocommandés, Laser ISLID Ultra)
- DAHER : manufacturing integrated tactical shelters, specific containers, Ground Support Equipment
- DAPA Technology Jardouy Production : systèmes antennaires, mâts télescopiques
- Dassault Aviation : aviation, Neuron (UCAV), Système de drone MALE
- DCA France : uniformes, équipements
- DCI : formation, conseil et assistance
- De Buyer Industries : fabrication d'ustensiles pour la cuisson et le transport de nourriture
- DEC SA : anodisation sulfurique/chromique/dure
- Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group : transformateurs, antennes (sites en France et en Roumanie)
- Deschamps : solutions de mobilité (route provisoire en aluminium, aire de poser TAHEL, Dérouleur Flatrack 100, tapis de débarquement)
- DIGINEXT : tactical data links, electronic warfare
- Dimatex Securite : tissus techniques
- Dixi Microtechniques : chronometric artillery fuzes
- Douce-Hydro SAS : vérins et systèmes hydrauliques
- DSPACE : simulation hardware in the loop
- DUONS : équipements électro-acoustiques
- EADS Defence & Security : réseaux sécurisés aux missiles, avions et drones, sécurité territoriale
- EADS GDI Simulation : simulateurs d'entraitement au tir, simulateurs de tir au combat
- ECA : robotique (UUV, USV, UGV - Inbot, Cameleon, Cobra), simulation, systèmes de contrôle et sécurité

- A.I.A.D. and MOD Italy : Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security
- AeroSekur : Vêtements de combat
- AMA SPA : Desing & manufacturing of fuel and water handling systems
- ARS Optical : Lunettes et masques avec protection balistique
- BERETTA Groupe : World's largest Group for small arms.
- CORMACH S.R.L. : Grues pour camions
- CRISTANINI S.P.A. : fournisseur de systèmes NRBC de petit, moyenne ou grande capacité
- CTE S.P.A. :
- DEFCON 5 SRL : vêtements militaires
- ELSAG DATAMAT : services & solutions for automation, security, transport, defence & space and information technology
- ETEM SRL : protection anti-projectiles / anti-explosions des guérites et des miradors en béton renforcé et en acier balistique
- EXPLORER CASES BY GT LINE SRL : waterproof cases
- Fassi GRU S.P.A. : articulated truck cranes
- Fedegari Autoclavi S.P.A. : moist- and dry-heat sterilization
- Ferrino & C. SPA : tentes de camping et de secours, sac-à-dos, sacs de couchage
- FINCANTIERI : systèmes maritimes
- FINMECCANICA : Helicopters, Aeronautics and Defence Electronics and Security Industry
- Fiocchi Munizioni : munitions
- FIRECO : mâts téléscopiques
- FOX Knives - Oreste Frati SRL : couteaux
- HRPC : solutions pour le transport
- IMEAR : military lighting, cockpit equipment
- Industrie Bitossi SPA : high permormance balistic ceramics
- ISOLI : Pick up aerial platforms
- IVECO Defence Vehicles : Véhicules militaires
- Lenzi Egisto SPA Industrie Tessili : protection contre les éclats, armes à feu et armes blanches
- New Holland Construction : infrastructure
- Omnia Plastica SPA : produits plastiques (casques, masques, bâtons téléscopiques, etc.)
- OMP Engineering : mobile life support systems for use in camps and on the field
- OTO Melara - A Finmeccanica Company : small & medium & large calibre naval & land guns
- PM Group SPA : hydraulic cranes for trucks
- Pro-Systems : tissus balistiques en fibre aramide et systèmes pour la protection multi-threat et le blindage
- SAATI SPA : manufacturing and distributing precision woven fabrics
- SELEX Galileo - A Finmeccanica Company : security safety and ISTAR capability for air, land, sea and special forces operations
- SELEX Sistemi Integrati SPA - A Finmeccanica Company : Systems for Homeland Protection (radar sensonrs, airport solutions)
- SOL.GE. SPA : truck mounted cranes, defence applications and marine environments
- Tigieffe SRL : nacelles aériennes automotrices

- AAC Microtec AB : Miniaturized electronics systems for aerospace

- Aarding Special Products B.V. : Broad package of military products
ACD Shelter Techniek BV : ?

- ADS : Space, aviation
- Advanced Composites Group LTD : Composites Systems
- Aero Sekur Ltd : Parachutes, systèmes d'atténuation des chocs

- Achleitner Sicherheits-Technik Gmbh : Construction of transportation systems and armoured vehicles


Emirates Arabes Unies
- ADCOM Systems
UAVs & Air Traffic Radars

Office of Naval Research



Federation of American Scientists
Gripen - A Nemzet Szárnyai (HU)
Ixarm - Le portail de l'armement
JETfly - Aviation (HU)
Naval Technology
NH Industries (NH-90)
Airbus Military

Association Technique Maritime et Aéronautique (ATMA)

Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN)
ARMS Control Association
The Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy
Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)
Defense Insuctry Daily

World Airforces


Eurojet EJ200
The Eurojet EJ200 is a military turbofan, used as the powerplant of the Eurofighter Typhoon. The engine is largely based on the Rolls-Royce XG-40 technology demonstrator which was developed in the 1980s. The EJ200 is built by the EuroJet Turbo GmbH consortium.
Rolls-Royce began development of the XG-40 technology demonstrator engine in 1984. Development costs were met by the British government (85%) and Rolls-Royce.On 2 August 1985, Italy, West Germany and the UK agreed to go ahead with the Eurofighter. The announcement of this agreement confirmed that France had chosen not to proceed as a member of the project. One issue was French insistence that the aircraft be powered by the SNECMA M88, in development at the same time as the XG-40.
The Eurojet consortium was formed in 1986 to co-ordinate and manage the project largely based on XG-40 technology. In common with the XG-40, the EJ200 has a three-stage fan with a high pressure ratio, five-stage low-aspect-ratio high-pressure (HP) compressor with active tip-clearance control, a combustor using advanced cooling and thermal protection, and single-stage HP and low-pressure (LP) turbines with PM discs and low-density single crystal blades." A reheat (i.e., afterburner) system provides thrust augmentation. The variable area final nozzle is a convergent-divergent design. Unusually for an advanced military turbofan, the fan lacks variable stagger inlet guide vanes.
In December 2006, Eurojet completed deliveries of the 363 EJ200s for the Tranche 1 Eurofighters. Tranche 2 aircraft require 519 EJ200s. As of December 2006, Eurojet was contracted to produce a total of 1,400 engines for the Eurofighter project. In 2009, Eurojet entered a bid, in competition with General Electric’s F414, to supply a thrust vectoring variant of the EJ200 to power the HAL Tejas.After evaluation and acceptance of the technical offer provided by both Eurojet and GE Aviation, the commercial quotes were compared in detail and GE Aviation was declared as the lowest bidder. The deal will cover purchase of 99 GE F414 engines. The initial batch will be supplied by GE and the remainder will be manufactured in India under a transfer of technology arrangement.The EJ200 Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine is one of three engines hosted in one vehicle for a new attempt at the land speed record. The Eurofighter's jet engine delivers 90 kN of thrust that will enable the vehicle called the Bloodhound SSC to move 8 km in 100 seconds.

Snecma M88
The Snecma M88 is a French afterburning turbofan engine developed by Snecma for the Dassault Rafale fighter. The M88 Pack CGP (for "total cost of ownership") or M88-4E is based on a study contract, development and production reported in 2008 by the General Delegation for Armament and is to introduce technical improvements to reduce maintenance costs. The purpose of this release is to reduce cost of ownership of the M88 and longer inspection intervals of the main modules by increasing the lifetime of the hot and rotating parts. It has been tested in flight for the first time March 22, 2010 at Istres, the Rafale's M02 CEV.
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