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The CSDP in Practice : EUMM Georgia

Dániel Jádi
CERPESC 13/AS/02/2011 - 17 May 2011

The first, mostly individual step of the EU on the field of international crisis-management is clearly a landmark on the road to an efficient and approved CSDP. In my paper I tried to assess the activities of the European Union in relation to the Georgian-Russian conflict in 2008. The main focus is on the security policy instruments: the EU Monitoring Mission Georgia, the EU Special Representative for the crisis in Georgia, the Independent International Fact-finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia and last but not least the international talks in Geneva. After analysing them one can say that they are still not adequate response to the emerging challenges the EU, and the world is facing recently, but we can still consider them as a ray of hope: the bloodshed ended, the parties engaged in negotiations, IPRMs were launched, a certain level of consolidation has started. However the talks in Geneva are stuck. Although the EU was proud to present a security strategy in 2003, its significance is not proven by the time passed. A list of achievements is not suitable to be a guideline for dealing with present and future challenges."