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"1 year ago" : EUFOR Libya

The European Union, the CSDP, and the crisis in Libya
EUFOR Libya: "Phantomized operation of the invisible legion?"

András István Türke
CERPESC 14/AF/05/2012 - 1 March 2012

Almost a year ago that an operation "never" performed was launched by the European Union on 1 April 2011. Why the first official operation of the CSDP has become a failure - before being made? What conclusions about the future of the CSDP? About events in Libya the first reaction to EU 27 date 21 February 2011, four days after the escalation of events in Tripoli. The joint statement called for an immediate end to the use of force against protesters. The axis of Italy, Malta and Cyprus vetoed from the beginning the Franco-German & Danish proposal for immediate sanctions against Gaddafi. The establishment of a no-fly zone was refused by the Secretary General of NATO and the Foreign Minister of France, Alain Juppe, shortly after his inauguration.